Event #47 - $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better
30 June 2011
Pakistan-born Owais Ahmed denies 'The Grinder' his second bracelet.
Owais Ahmed

Event: Seven-Card/Omaha High-Low
Buy-in: $2,500
Entrants: 450
Prize pool: $
Prizes Paid: 48

1st  Owais Ahmed (United States) -- $255,959
2nd  Michael Mizrachi (United States) -- $158,148
3rd  Abe Mosseri (United States) -- $100,532
4th  Scott Bohlman (United States) -- $72,491
5th  Scotty Nguyen (United States) -- $53,091
6th  Gerard Rechnitzer (United States) -- $39,475
7th  Gregory Jamison (United States) -- $29,791
8th  Thomas Whitehair (United States) -- $22,819

UK Finishes:

10th  Matthew Ashton (Liverpool) -- $17,731
20th  Richard Ashby (Watford) -- $7,452
34th  Stuart Rutter (Birmingham) -- $5,282

BBP Finishes:

20th  Richard Ashby (Watford) -- $7,452

BBP Progress:

This was Philip Mildon's first event of this year's WSOP. Despite boasting the chip lead at one point, he was unable to progress into Day 2, "losing three big pots." He mentioned something about concealed full houses being bigger than his.

Richard Ashby, however, did it make it through to Day 2, and with a respectable 29,200, and although he didn't quite make the final table, he did manage a credible 20th place for his fourth cash of the Series.

Vegas 11 Stats:

Cashes: 6
Winnings: $331,086

Vegas Prize Fund:

Cashes: 1
Winnings: $2,815


•   Owais is a 27-year old data warehouse analyst and supply chain project manager.
•   He resides in Irvine, California, but was born in Karachi, Pakistan.
•   He is a graduate of the University of California and earned a degree in computer science.
•   He has attended the WSOP during each of the past four years.
•   This is his second final table, but first bracelet.
•   This is his fourth cash so far this year.
•   Hasan Habib is the only other known bracelet winner to have been born in Pakistan.
•   Only one nation was officially represented at the final table: the United States.
•   Mizrachi was vying for his second bracelet after winning the $50,000 HORSE last year.
•   L.A. Lakers majority owner Jerry Buss finished 25th place. His first cash was in 1991.

Winner Quotes:

“I can’t believe it’s real right now. I played my heart out. I played my A-game and in the end, it all worked out for me. I’m ecstatic. The final table started with Mike Mizrachi – ‘The Grinder.’ He had a third of the chips in play. We had Scotty Nguyen, Abe Mosseri, another online player, a lot of really, really good players. And I just played my hands, I picked my spots. And I waited it out until I got heads-up and Grinder had like a 3:1 chip lead heads-up, and you know, I just grinded through it. I just played my A-game, picked my spots, flustered him a few times, and got some hands.

“Actually, when we started the match, it was like a 50:1 crowd advantage for Mizrachi. And, you know, I had a chip disadvantage, and the whole room felt really small, and it felt like it was me against the world. And then we played for about 20 minutes, then we had a break, and during break, I went and washed my face. I meditated a little bit, and I said, you know, I am just going to come out and play my A-game, and that is going to win me that bracelet. The crowd doesn’t matter. I put my glasses on, I was in my zone, and when I do that, I am as good as anyone in the world.

“I spent a lot of time in America, but my family is from Pakistan. I’m just representing Pakistan in the World Series of Poker. It’s a great honor. Growing up, I watched Pakistan win the Field Hockey World Cup, the Cricket World Cup, and now... Pakistan has a World Series of Poker champion. And that is a great honor for me.”


Vegas 11 Interview - Richard Ashby

Image courtesy of wsop.com; words Nolan Dalla.

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