Vegas 11 - Live WSOP Coverage
29 June 2011
Follow the progress of the Black Belt Poker sponsored pros with our live WSOP updates.
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Members of the Vegas 11 have been in Sin City for over a month now, ambushing this year's World Series of Poker in an attempt to bring home bracelet-gold. Armed with thousands in live tournament backing, the Vegas 11 have been staying in a luxury mansion, just a few houses down from 'Mr Vegas' Wayne Newton and on the same road that used to be the home to boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Just because they're out enjoying the sun and poker of Nevada doesn't mean that you can live the Vegas dream vicariously through them. Since Event #39, we've been blogging on the team's progress in our exclusive live updates, including hands, quotes, and those dreaded bad beats.

Even as we speak, their is an active live blog of their journey in Event 48's $1,500 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout, the third of our Vegas Prize Fund events. If you would like to follow the action, then simply visit our Vegas page via the link below and check in on their progress using the options in the left-hand menu:

Before this event reaches its conclusion, we'll also be covering Event #51's $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha High-Low event, which has been pencilled in by Warren Wooldridge, Jerome Bradpiece, Adam Latimer and double-finalist Richard Ashby.

The full update schedule is as follows:

#38 - $1.5K NLH (Jun 22-24)
#39 - $2,5K PLH/O (Jun 22-24)

#42: $10K PLO (Jun 24-26)
#43: $1.5K NLH (Jun 25-27)
#45: $1K NLH (Jun 26-28)

#48: $1.5K NLH (Jun 28-30)
#51 - $1.5K PLO8 (Jun 30 - Jul 2)
#54 - $1K NLH (Jul 2-5)
#56 - $1.5K NLH (Jul 5-7)
#58 - $10,000 NLH Main Event (Jul 7-20)

The big one is, of course, the $10,000 Main Event, and the grand-daddy of the poker calendar. Last year, Jonathan Duhamel became the 2010 WSOP Champion and collected a cheque for a near nine million dollars. In 2011, a number of Black Belt Poker players will be looking to do the same.

Make sure you join us for the rest of the Series as we look to crown our first bracelet-winner and, who knows, first WSOP Champion.

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Posting trophy - more info coming soon ...
Neil Channing posted on 8 Jul, 0:35am
Just one little event left now.