Blog: Holiday
01 December 2011
Neil Channing takes an impromtu break between playing the IPO, Nottingham Live and Vic cash games.
hit by the deck... chair

One of the things people often highlight as the main advantage of being a professional gambler is the freedom it allows you. You can choose your own hours, sleep until noon, take a day off when you want and decide to go off travelling at the drop of a hat.

In my time as a professional gambler I'm always trying to explain to people that the edges are pretty small and if you want to make money from it you have to put in the hours. It's basically the same as any work. You exchange time for money.

I find myself replying to lots of messages from young poker players who want staking, need advice or just want somebody to explain how they haven't reached a stage where they make a living from gambling and often the answer is simple...

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