TeeDeeEye Steers to Victory in Leg 2
04 February 2011
Trevor 'TeeDeeEye1' Ingman takes the driving seat in Leg 2 of League VIII.
Steeler's Wheel

After last week's decimation of the 132 record-breaking field, it appeared as though Tom 'Werrrrd' Drew's League dominance had rolled over into Season 8, and that anyone else who attended was simply making up the numbers. This week, however, the troops were mobilised, the fortress was built and, finally, King Drew was toppled from his throne.

That regal honour was instead bestowed upon the head of Yellow Belt Trevor 'TeeDeeEye1' Ingman, who not only made his second consecutive final table, but defeated Chris 'losbert40' Osborne heads-up to capture his first victory to date, as well as the $150 crown jewels.

Among the 100 who stumped up the $5 buy-in fee were a number of familiar faces, many of whom came close-but-no cigar, including Simon 'AlwaysMissing' Mairs, David 'bh0yw0nder' Docherty and David 'DididavidBEL09' Meunier, the latter of whom entered into the inagural London Live as reigning League Champion.

1st  TeeDeeEye1 -- $150.00
2nd  losbert40 -- $100.00
3rd  ch1paccrual -- $62.50
4th  ewen51 -- $47.50
5th  AlwaysMissing -- $37.50
6th  bh0yw0nder -- $30.00
7th  10Royals -- $25.00
8th  5uper5tud -- $20.00
9th  DididavidBEL09 -- $15.00
10th  baligirl13 -- $12.50

His 10th place finish last week means that TeeDeeEye1 is now flying high in the League Standings with 249 points, whilst Leigh 'ch1paccrual' Wiltshire (18th and 3rd) and Ewen 'ewen51' MacRitchie (14th and 4th) are snapping at his heels like alligators with toothache on 228 points a piece.

As for last week's titans, Tom and Gavin 'TFMonty007' Hall's below par performances (68th and 71st respectively) this time around mean they slip out of the top 10, thus proving that it only takes one bad showing to slide downhill quicker than an eel on a water slide.

1st  TeeDeeEye1 -- 249 points
2nd  ch1paccrual -- 228 points
3rd  ewen51 -- 228 points
4th  youshouldstakeme -- 220 points
5th  DididavidBEL09 -- 215 points
6th  JimmyTheBhoy -- 211 points
7th  bh0ywonder -- 208 points
8th  Ruaction -- 201 points
9th  cikarang5 -- 196 points
10th  Mrdroodle -- 195 points

Perhaps the tournament that many were checking out from the corner of their eye was the 8pm super satellite, the qualifiers of which would be heading to the London Live with a free pass: do not pass go, but do collect $275.

With 23 taking their seats, it was going to be a battle, but it was one that was jointly won by the trio of Tony '7onyB' Booth, Green Belt Mark 'allmichips' Charles, and former Grader Marty 'MJR719' Rice.

Meanwhile, Blue Belt and Enlightenment Sensei Kevin 'Kevish47' Williams felt the splash of the seat bubble, whilst fifth place Vickie 'AngelVicki48' Lambert was a gnat's pubic hair away from booking her seat for just $3 after earning a spot in last week's $1 Donkament satellite.

1st  MJR719 -- London Live seat
2nd  7onyB -- London Live seat
3rd  allmichips -- London Live seat
4th  Kevish47 -- $47.50
5th  AngelVickie48 -- $28.50
6th  1894IAIN -- $19.00

Talking of Donkament satellites, just 30 minutes later, 30 hopefuls sought to transform a $1 acorn of an investment into a giant $275 red oak tree. Nobody quite achieved that feat, although Malcolm 'lionrampant' Sievwright managed to earn his seat with just the single rebuy/add-on.

1st  betyama -- super satellite seat
2nd  lionrampant27 -- super satellite seat
3rd  Ourkid888 -- $5.00
4th  BeauNidle1 -- $3.00
5th  BoatDrink -- $2.00

Although Super Tuesdays have quickly become the main focus for those heading down the London Live Brick road, we also hold a weekly $5 satellite that runs parallel with Thursday's Yellow Belt Freeroll. 15 participated last night including Carey 'Careybear' Hollick - who was one of two winners in Monday's Orange Belt Academy Freeroll - but the top dog was ultimately Rob 'SirNutFlopper' Weston, who, last year, won a trip to Las Vegas courtesy of the Quad Aces promotion. Maybe next week, he'll add the London Live to his repertoire.

1st  SirNutFlopper -- super satellite seat
2nd  BeauNidle1 -- $15.50
3rd  TFMonty007 -- $9.30
4th  NPENFOLD -- $6.20

With the London Live, recently announced Academy, and revamped Dojo Sessions, there's plenty going on at Black Belt Poker, and we'd love to have you involved. If you'd like to participate in the most competitive, but friendly Leagues in cyber space, then be sure to check us out. With only two Legs in the bag, it's not too late to join the race. Simply download the poker client, open an account, and locate Black Belt Tournaments in the cardamom lobby. Oh, and hold on tight, it's gonna be a fast ride.

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