Blog: You Do It To Yourself
03 December 2011
Rock, Paper, Scissors strategies and other tales from the rollercoaster life of Jamie Burland.
Big Faces

A lot has happened in the last month or so that could be deemed blog worthy. Each subject could potentially take up its own blog entry but it wasn't until playing a £1/2 cash game at the Empire yesterday afternoon that I really felt motivated to write something down, which is surprising seeing as in the last month I maintained my 100 percent cash record in my second EPT, I went to Las Vegas for a week to watch a good friend try to win the World Series of Poker, I took down the the UK Rock, Paper, Scissors Championships as a member of the "Big Faces" team, and went up to Nottingham for a weekend of poker at the Black Belt Nottingham Live.

The EPT started in the best way possible: winning a package online in the week leading up to the event. This was a great result which meant I didn't have to sell as much as I had originally planned and could stay in the relative luxury of the Hilton for a week and not have to worry about early mornings or travel complications. Not one player was eliminated from my table on Day 1, which is obviously bad as the average chips will be 30,000 at the end of the day whilst others have managed to run up huge stacks. I consoled myself by thinking that on such a table, finishing second in chips was a decent result and I could still hope for a favourable table draw in the morning.

Danny Toffel and Fatima De Melo were the only people I recognised...

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