Dojo Session Doors Reopen
02 February 2011
Sensei Williams and Burland discuss Hold'em Manager in the first Dojo Session of the year.
Welcome to the Dojo

The Age of Enlightenment may have been a philosophical era confined to the eighteenth century, but at Black Belt Poker, we're delighted to confirm that Enlightenment is still rife in 2011 with the return of our highly acclaimed Dojo Sessions.

Following a brief hiatus during January, the Dojo Sessions are braced to return for the month of February with the first Session taking place tonight at 8pm. To freshen things up, there has been a changing of the guards with Black Belt Poker sponsored pros Kevin Williams and Jamie Burland now hosting the Sessions.

Jamie and Kevin were a product of the Grading in early 2010 and have since flourished as two of our most valued Blue Belts. In the summer, Jamie won the Brighton UKIPT for £65,400 before cashing in the London EPT for £21,000, whilst Kevin won a side event at the recent Galway UKIPT for €8,650 and has also given lectures at Boot Camps, Academies and Leicester Square's Poker in the Park.

For those new to Black Belt Poker, Dojo Sessions are online lectures (often referred to as Webinars) whereby a sponsored pro presents a discussion on a certain poker topic, inviting attendees to interact and ask any questions they may have. They achieve this via such mediums as Skype and TeamViewer.

2011's first Dojo Session is titled 'HEM Workshop' and will offer a basic walkthrough with a Q&A on poker's best tracking software. Even if you already own the software, this is a must for those looking for guidance on how to correctly apply the information.

At just 300 Spending Points, Dojo Sessions are an absolute bargain, and tonight's Session will be unique in that it will see Sensei Williams and Burland co-hosting the Session with contributions from other Blue Belts in attendance. Nowhere else will you receive such a plethora of advice from sponsored pros for such a budget price.

The schedule for February's Dojo Sessions is as follows, although if you would like to view the full schedule (included dates for March), then please see our 'Training' section on the homepage:

Thursday, February 3 (8pm) - 'The HEM Workshop' with Sensei Burland & Williams
Basic walk through and Q&A session for poker’s best tracking software.

Thursday, February 10 (8pm): 'Owning stacks!' with Sensei Burland & Williams
Using a villain’s own stack size against them.

Thursday, February 17 (8pm) - 'Thinking like a Fish' with Sensei Burland & Williams
Know your enemy, know yourself.

Thursday, February 24 (8pm) - Keeping Your Heads-Up with Sensei Tom Drew
An introduction to heads-up cash.

Dojo Sessions are available to all Yellow Belts and above. To secure your seat, simply sign into the community, click 'Store' in the top righthand menu and locate the appropriate token in 'Live Events'. You'll then be sent a confirmation email followed by details on how to attend closer to the event. However, be quick, as seats are selling fast, and there is limited attendance available.

"Whist we will be aiming this workshop mainly at people new to the software," commented Sensei Williams. "We will be also be spending time on a Q&A session workshopping any questions or problems existing users might be facing. So, come for an introduction or a refresher course on some of the best software on the market, and bring along your questions and problems!"

If you have any queries re. tonight's Dojo Session, then please feel free to contact us at, or the mentors directly at and

Don't miss out on what is an incredible opportunity to join Black Belt Poker's Age of Enlightenment.

think this is
the nuts!
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Adam (JHobbit1) Saunders posted on 2 Feb, 1:30pm
Posting trophy - more info coming soon ...
kyle (kylemilne89) milne posted on 2 Feb, 4:07pm
you really should be recording these and selling them in the store for 150 points

means people dont miss out on the sessions, plus means people have more options to spend their points,plus gives you guys the points back for basically nothing
Posting trophy - more info coming soon ...
Simon (TheSimian) Morris posted on 2 Feb, 8:09pm
I will definitely start to attend some after I have enough points to play London Live. I like Kyles suggestion too. I definitely would have bought a couple of the previous ones that I wasnt able to make