Blog: Poker Introspection
20 December 2011
Richard Ashby reflects on the past 12 months and sets his resolutions for the New Year.
Sensei Ashby

This time last year I was blogging about my turbulent year on Full Tilt Poker and, more specifically, a particularly brutal online session I'd experienced in January in Australia. In Putting My Foot in It, I basically wrote about how a drunken detour to my room, to change footwear, had resulted in a seven-figure downswing.

Obviously, the poker landscape has changed drastically since that night, as have the stakes I've been playing. Its quite sobering, for me, to think that, despite playing hours and hours of poker since, that my poker bankroll would still be higher today if I'd not played at all but could just eliminate that one session. Put another way, I could have played zero hands of poker since that night and travelled the world for the last two years, staying in five-star hotels, and still be better off if I'd just avoided that one fateful episode... FML.

Of course, psychologically, this is not really the best way of rationalising or thinking about my poker past...

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