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07 December 2011
Blue Belt Ben Meredith attempts to juggle the job of family man with that of poker professional.
Benjamin Meredith

Wow! What a few months I’ve had.

First thing: my Mrs. gave birth to my beautiful daughter Mia Belle Meredith on October 19, 2011. She seriously is beautiful as well; I’m so proud that I could create such a work of art :).

When you have one baby its hard; when you have two – it’s ridiculously hard. OMG. People warned me, and, as always, I was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Now I've had one, I know what to do, etc - this will be an absolute piece of pi55!” Yeah, right!

She's now nearly seven weeks old and, to be fair, is a really good baby at the moment other than the constant changing of nappies / crying for milk / feeding, which is standard. I’ve literally only had one sleepless night with her since the day she was born and that was quickly resolved with the help of some mums on FaceBook. Change from Gripe Water to Infacol - done… land of zzzzz's were back on the cards.

My son, on the other hand...

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